Mason Pearson

In 1885 Mr. Mason Pearson founded the company, that still to this day, proudly bares his name. In the year of founding his company, mr Pearson invented 2 pivotal things that would make his brush the market leader for 126 years and counting. First he invented a brush-boring machine that would speed up the process of manufacturing. Secondly he invented the pneumatic rubber cushion, which is still hand made in the factory in London and is the backbone of the success of the Mason Pearson brush. Today the company is still family run and Mr. Michael Pearson is 4th generation to keep Mason Pearson in pole position.

Mason Pearson is a Hairbrush designed for care rather than styling. With regular use the brush will improve the quality of your hair and scalp. Practically every A list hairstylist around the globe sites the Mason Pearson as their most beloved tool and generations of celebrities and models are listing the brush as a favorite too. Using the Mason Pearson every day stimulates the scalp and makes blood flow to the root and this promotes growth.  The massage works like a peeling and opens up the glands releasing sebum (oil). The Wild boar bristle transports the oil through to the length of the hair preventing a ”greasy” scalp and delivering shine to the hair. All in all more growth, more body, more shine and a healthier scalp.