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Barnholdts is a boutique distribution agency of sustainable niche and eco luxury products within beauty and wellness.

The company was founded in 2009 by Lotte Barnholdt Mahony with a goal to promote brands and products that will make a difference in performance for hair, skin, body and mind, while still having a focus on clean ingredients and sustainability.

Barnholdts primarily operates within Scandinavia and is based in the heart of Copenhagen, sharing a creative universe with Studio Cim Mahony, a small exclusive salon, situated in an old 2nd floor apartment on the corner of Nyhavn and The King's New Square.

Besides co-founding Barnholdts, Cim Mahony is also a renowned session hairstylist traveling the world, working within the core of the International fashion and creative industry.


We are a very small team, and only work with a few selected niche brands. All brands we currently work with are created by innovative founders that has started ethical businesses that supports a sustainable community. 

Our focus is not only on distributing the brands to retailers, but also making sure the storytelling of the brands are build and communicated.

Currently, we are the distributor of the following brands in Scandinavia:

Mason Pearson, Less is More, Manta, and Laouta

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